Growing up I was never fond of the color grey, or black, or any sort of monochromatic neutrals like them.  For me, the brighter the colors the better.  I went through a few style changes, I can remember in middle school I was all for bright colors and matching.  I went through a ‘punk/alternative’ phase in high school, (I’d still wear those fluorescent colors in the form of skinny jeans along with band tees, sneakers, and the like.) Then I settled into my thrifted/vintage style a bit later on.  In college, my style was still quite eclectic, one day I’d wear something girly and frilly, the next I’d rock a leather jacket and all black, then the next I’d be wearing a vest with a collared shirt.  In truth, my style changes depending on my mood, the season, the occasion, and what color/print/item I really want to wear.  I usually chose that item and plan outfits around it, thus the varying genres of styles continue. Over the past couple years I’ve noticed a shift in my style though.  I am no longer drawn to bright fantastic colors and patterns like I once was.  I have actually fallen in love with […]
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