Hello dear readers! With this new year upon us, I’m glad to be starting it off by traveling.  Every year in the midwest (and other regions I assume) there is a weeklong Theatre Festival featuring workshops, plays, and teachings from people all over.  I have the fortune to travel with my department across the land to the grand state of WI.  I have been there once before, but that when I was very young and didn’t have the appreciation for travel as I do now.  So with (semi) fresh eyes, let’s see the sights of Milwaukee! (editing whilst on the train) (Beard! o.O) (Pinterest inspired nails teehee.) (Audition look.) (An awesome special effect workshop I went to.)   The STUNNING Pabst Theater   Grand Avenue Mall The AWESOME Safehouse “Spy Bar” (You got to keep the glass!) (At least 8 of my friends shared this massive thing!)     (Union Station)
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