Hello dear reader. It sure has been a while eh? Well the excuses abound, but mostly blame working multiple jobs and neglecting computed media since my jobs involve being in front of a computer for many hours a day.  Now that that’s out, I can provide a slight update. I began a photo challenge in May, I had seen many kinds before on instagram and wanted to give it a try and have my friends join in too.  Mainly I wanted to fall in love with photography again.  I had only planned to do it for May, but I had so much fun I did it again in June then decided what if I did this for an entire year? Yes that’s right.  365 days. I have committed to posting a pic a day for a year, and once they have all been compiled, I will be unveiling a surprise. For now, I’ll say that each month focuses on a different topic/challenge/area and anyone who partakes generally has fun and/or becomes inspired.  My main goal for existence is to inspire others, but it may also be to show that those individuals can inspire themselves. So look forward to seeing a […]
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