I’ve had this fear since I was 9 years old when, during class, the teachers told us about 9/11 and planes crashing into the Twin Towers and killing all of those people.  There also just seemed to be something strange about getting inside of a man-made contraption and traveling thousands of feet in the air, not knowing if you’ll fall to your death because of engine failure or the unpredictable weather.  Nevertheless, I am facing this fear now.  With the help of my best friend, I will fly on a plane and I pray I survive.  Wish me luck! *********** Alright, I have survived the ride. Here’s my experience: Once on the plane things were smooth…that is until it began to move. It was slow at first, & sped up up pretty smoothly. Then suddenly I heard an overhead voice instructing us on procedures etc, and the plane began to rumble & shake. I was freaking out of course, especially when the plane took off. Rising thousands of feet within a few moments was definitely shocking to my body. It was almost like riding a roller coaster in slow motion. I felt like it was still connected to the ground […]
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