Hello dear readers! I’ve been eying up some of those really cute patterned camera straps lately, but sadly don’t have a bunch of extra money to order one.  So I thought what better way to get a new strap (for free) than by doing a diy project?  Here’s how I made it. For this DIY you need: A previous camera strap (the brand one that comes with your camera will work wonderfully) Thick ribbon in a pattern of your choosing A sewing machine/needle & thread to hand stitch/or reallllllly strong fabric glue    1) First cut your ribbon of choice to the length of the camera strap. 2) Next fold the ends under to hide any rough edges. 3) Place the right sides together.  Now adhere one side of the ribbon (whether by sewing or realllllly strong fabric glue.) 4) Iron the seam open (as best you can.)  5) Place old strap in the middle of that seam.  Then pin down the ribbon around the strap.  6) Adhere the other side & fix the edges if need be. (I had to pull mine out a bit more and I sewed them down to stay secure.) 7) Enjoy your strap! This […]
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