Style reflection; enter minimalism…

Shekinah Shazaam · March 07, 2015 · blogging, Fashion, writing · 0 comments

Growing up I was never fond of the color grey, or black, or any sort of monochromatic neutrals like them.  For me, the brighter the colors the better.  I went through a few style changes, I can remember in middle school I was all for bright colors and matching.  I went through a ‘punk/alternative’ phase in high school, (I’d still wear those fluorescent colors in the form of skinny jeans along with band tees, sneakers, and the like.) Then I settled into my thrifted/vintage style a bit later on.  In college, my style was still quite eclectic, one day I’d wear something girly and frilly, the next I’d rock a leather jacket and all black, then the next I’d be wearing a vest with a collared shirt.  In truth, my style changes depending on my mood, the season, the occasion, and what color/print/item I really want to wear.  I usually chose that item and plan outfits around it, thus the varying genres of styles continue.

Over the past couple years I’ve noticed a shift in my style though.  I am no longer drawn to bright fantastic colors and patterns like I once was.  I have actually fallen in love with all of those neutral colors I despised as a preteen.  Grey, Black, White, Navy, Mahogany & Chestnut Brown, all of these have been incorporated into my wardrobe one way or another.  It may be that since I dyed my hair red, many of the colors I loved/wore before (fuchsia anyone?) simply clashed and I found that monochromatic things looked so much better.  In a way, my hair became the bright color that I loved; I simply wore it everyday.  These colors work very well together, and I find I’m continually drawn to them when shopping.

Recently, I did a massive de-clutter of my closet (and room in general.)  Call it a massive spring cleaning if you will.  With this de-clutter, I’ve amassed 6 garbage bags of clothes and shoes that I simply didn’t wear.  Many things were purchased back in highschool, some things simply didn’t fit right, but all were in great condition.  I used to be in the mindset that ‘more is better.’ The more variety I had in my closet, the less bored I would get with my style right?  Wrong.  This past year alone, I’ve worn the same few colors/styles mixed and matched and not even looked at some of these items.  I’ve grown to realize that just because it’s on sale, or really cheap, or kinda cute, that I don’t have to have it.  All these years I’ve been going about it the wrong way, and in the process, spending money on things that I haven’t used and could be put to something much more important. 

A part of this consumerist nature was the fact that when feeling down, to cheer myself up I’d go shopping.  To reward myself for hard work I’d buy something.  Just because I felt like it and had the money I’d go get stuff.  No more.  This really is a fruitless act.  Sure, I love clothes and fashion and the like, but once you’ve found your style, you only need those essential pieces to make it worthwhile.  There are certain goals that can be achieved with the money you save by not buying excessively.  For instance, a big dream of mine is to travel all over the world.  An experience like that would enrich me far more than another article of clothing would.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to stop shopping entirely, I’m just going to drastically reduce my time and money put into it and focus elsewhere.

Enter Minimalism.

As most individuals interested in creative ventures, I’m obsessed with Pinterest.  I find great inspiration on things like graphic design, home decor, and of course fashion.  There are tons and tons of pins related to “minimalism” “capsule wardrobes” & “(enter number here) versatile essentials you need in your closet” etc.  For the most part, I have my basics down and only need one or two things for me to feel that my wardrobe is complete.  I also want to translate this view on other aspects of my life such as home decor, and even food.  I’m not exactly sure what it was that triggered this irreversible change in me.  Perhaps because I am now at the cusp of true adulthood that I really need to set my mind straight on my goals.  I look forward to this change, though it may be challenging to deny my old habits, I know the result of doing so will be most rewarding.

(Recent buys from H & M.  They had all the essentials I needed to replace old items as well as add in new ones too!)

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