Readviews & Movie Musings

Shekinah Shazaam · May 26, 2015 · blogging, book review, movie review, writing · 0 comments

Hello dear readers,

Due to having a great deal of free time recently, I have been able to read and watch movies I had only dreamed of before.  In light of these new activities, I thought I’d begin writing about my views on these sources of entertainment in the near future.  Though I did do book reviews years ago on youtube, I think writing about them may be a bit more helpful and concise as everything will be laid out on the page.  For both movies & books, I won’t be reviewing big blockbusters or really popular things just because there are many others out there that will do it.  Instead, I will hone in on under-the-radar novels and films that may be worthwhile to look into.  And with that summary revealed, let’s get started!

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