October 2014 (Blurred/Out of Focus Photography Challenge)

Shekinah Shazaam · November 27, 2014 · blogging, photography · 0 comments

Here’s a compilation of October.

IMG_3296 IMG_3649 IMG_3629 IMG_3623 IMG_3592 IMG_3588 IMG_3576 IMG_3566 IMG_3557 IMG_3539 IMG_3538 IMG_3500 IMG_3481 IMG_3474 IMG_3460 IMG_3458 IMG_3447 IMG_3438 IMG_3437 IMG_3425 IMG_3413 IMG_3395 IMG_3394 IMG_3387 IMG_3379 IMG_3366 IMG_3363 IMG_3353 IMG_3314 IMG_3304 IMG_3298

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