Hello and welcome!

I’m Shekinah and I’m a Michigan based Graphic Designer.

I firmly believe that the strongest form of communication is unspoken. In the visual realm, I find a multitude of ways in which to share a message. I thrive on creative expression, and find myself combining different forms of art in my projects when I can. My specialties are layout and editorial design as well as branding & identity systems.

I find that I gravitate towards polarity in most everything I do. I love opposite colors, shapes, alignments, and just the general feeling one has when looking upon opposing forces. I excel at bold and clean solutions that need consistency across different mediums.

The misconception regarding design as just being “pretty pictures with text” or “the communicative partner of Advertising” is an idea I’d like to help dispel. I don’t want to limit my designs to simple problem solving or an unidentifiable digitally processed image.

I want my work to tell a story.

I want it to inspire onlookers.

I want it to leave an impression.

I am still learning and growing in this field, and I find using these major goals as motivation will aid me to become even stronger. Thank you for taking some time to read a small portion of my story.